The talk,money talk.

This issue may be a little technical and over the top. Yes, money talk is always complex, but necessary. If you have read the book “The richest man in Babylon”, you know that the principles of money are simple and never really change much. So get in touch with us as soon as you can, and we are always happy to host you for breakfast and talk money. As for those dragging their feet, know you are missing out on a chance to scale up and have a share of that real estate cake.


A Broader View

A smart developer is not one to acquire land, then rush in, immediately calling an Architect to sketch an idea he has in mind. A sharp Architect would not take up a project that is based on gut feel and “very urgent”. Our Architect friends tell us how they have had their fingers burnt too many times to start designing without a well-researched and structured Design Brief, and a down-payment. We support them fully, and that is why at Paradigm, an Architect is not engaged unless the project viability has been defined through an Investment Appraisal and Market study….then and only then is a Design Brief formulated and issued for design purposes.